Quran 2:245   “Who is he that will loan to Allah (God) a beautiful loan which Allah will amply repay and multiply many times?  It is God that giveth want or plenty, and to Him shall be your return.”

Spending in the cause of God is called metaphorically a beautiful loan.  It shows a beautiful spirit of self-denial and helping others, humanity at large.  Cycle is defined as a series of recurring events or phenomena, the cycle of the seasons, an orbit of the heavens or planets.

A period of time occupied by a set of events which will go on recurring in similar periods of time, an ordered series of phenomena in which some process is completed.  In chemistry and physics, any series of changes which restores a system to its original state.  A ring, wheel, an alternating electric current.

The Water Cycle

The water is drawn up from the earth in a fine mist that the eye cannot always see, it is drawn up by the moon and the sun’s attracting power over the water.  Once it reaches a certain height and weight then it returns back to the earth in the form of rain, snow or sleet and brings great benefits to the earth and all of its creatures.  Good works also recycle and return in beneficial ways for the doer of good.

Quran 55:60

Allah says, “Is there any reward for doing good other than good.”

A very short but powerful verse in the Quran that expresses a great phenomenon of equity and more.  The return of goodness for goodness, the return of service to God and humanity increases in the status of bounties. This effect is in accord with Allah’s laws in nature; if you plant a seed in the ground much more than you plant will return to you.

Allah has written down the good deeds and the bad deeds.  A hadith from the Prophet states:

“He who has intended a good deed and has not done it, Allah writes it down as a full good deed.  If he/she has intended it and has done it, Allah writes it down out of His mercy as 10 to 100 times or more as good deeds.  If one intends a bad deed and does not do it, it is recorded as a good deed.  If one intends a bad deed and carries it out it is written as one bad deed.”  Good deeds and actions will benefit the doer of the deed as much or more than the receiver.  Our good deeds will help us enter the paradise along with Allah’s forgiveness and mercy.

Good deeds helps return us to the best nature in which we were created.  The Quran encourages us to spend in God’s way for the benefit of mankind.  The best motive for, or the best kind of spending in God’s way should be to help others stand on their own feet, not to keep them permanently in the beggar’s seat.  Indeed to help another person in a way which makes him to look for help all the time is inherently ill motivated.  Give a man a fish; you feed him for a day.  Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. (Confucius)

The Prophet said, three things will continue to benefit man after his death:

  1. A useful knowledge
  2. A perpetual charity
  3. The prayer of a righteous child

Prophet said:  Three follows the dead person to the grave, two returns and one remains with him,

His wealth, his loved ones and his deeds.  There is absolutely nothing from the life of this world which endures and lasts beyond death except good or bad deeds, not your fame, fortune or wealth.

Decades ago in Scotland, a young boy cried for help, someone please help me.  A poor Scottish farmer heard the cry and ran to help.  He found a boy sinking in thick black mud.  The poor farmer saved the boy.  Later the poor farmer was visited by a wealthy gentleman in a stately carriage.  He said, you saved my son yesterday and I am here to reward you.  The poor farmer would not accept any of the money offered to him.  The gentleman wanted to give a gift of gratitude to the man.  The wealthy man saw a boy in the house and said, since you helped my son, I will help yours. I will see that your son will receive the finest education available in the country.

Later the farmer’s son graduated from St Mary’s Hospital Medical School of London.  The poor farmer’s son in turn gave a gift to the world.  He discovered penicillin.  His name was Alexander Fleming.  The wealthy mans son’s life would be threatened for a second time.  Now grown, he lay dying of pneumonia.  It was the poor farmer’s son who saved him this time when penicillin was prescribed.  The wealthy man, Randolph Churchill provided for the education of Alexander Fleming, that education saved his son Sir Winston Churchill.

We pray for Allah’s forgiveness and guidance, Ameen.

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