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Islam In The Heartland Of America

Learn about the true message of Islam in an easy way!

Islam is no doubt the most misunderstood religion in the world. Yet despite all these misconceptions, it is also the fastest growing religion in the world.

Unfortunately, it is not only misunderstood by non-Muslims, but also by a lot of Muslims. This is why it is more important than ever before to clarify all these misconceptions.

But where to start? What is the easiest way to find the answers to all your burning questions about Islam?

You go to the internet and get hit with tons of web pages, all offering a different answer and confusing you even more. And most of the time the information is provided by non-Muslims who have no knowledge of Islam.

This struggle of countless Muslims and non-Muslims motivated William Franklin, now known as Imam Al Hajj Omar Jaleel Hazim, to write this book based on his Friday sermons and other Imams to clarify all these misconceptions.

Friday Sermons Made Easy:

Friday Sermons Made Easy:

Are you new to Islam and want to learn fast? Or do you want a spiritual boost to reach peace and understanding in as little as 30 days?

Well, you are in the right place. This book has a collection of more than 56 Friday Khutbahs by Omar Hazim and other Muslim scholars. It is also a great resource for you if you are about to deliver your first Friday Sermon and need help with the topic.

islam in the heartland of america
Imam Omar Hazim

Do you want answers to your questions, or you can’t go to a mosque for some reason but want to benefit from the Friday Sermons.

All sermons in this book are in English, so you don’t have to be an Arab to understand these.

✅ Reach peace and understanding in as little as 30 days.

✅ Great resource for you if you are about to deliver your first Friday Sermon & need help with the topic.

✅ Get a spirtual boost and become a Master of Faith to overcome powerful difficulties.

✅ Experience the Friday Sermons at your home if you can’t attend.

✅ More than 56 Friday Khutbahs that are relevant to real life questions.

About the author Imam Omar Hazim

✅ The first Imam of the Islamic Center of Topeka.

✅ He has visited Mecca 3 times.

✅ First Muslim Imam to give the opening prayer for the Kansas Senate & City Council.✅ The first Muslim American to become the Islamic Advisor to the Kansas department of corrections.✅ He has produced the first full-time Muslim Chaplain in a state prision for Kansas.✅ Imam Omar Hazim has built trust amoung political leaders past mere tolerance!

Here’s what one of the reader said about the book – “I personally read it in 2 weeks and I was really inspired to improve my prayer worship and I would not be afraid to visit a mosque.”
Jessica C
Jessica C.
Islam In The Heartland of America by Imam Omar Hazim is by far the clearest path to understanding what worship is like in a Mosque & more. It is an excellent book, very detailed and easy to read. He takes a complex subject and distills it down to it’s essence. I had aha moments almost every time I turned the page. Thank you for being such a shinning example A+++

Denise D.
Long Beach, Ca.
I was just out of prison and they bought me clothes and gave me 800 dollars I was so shocked I cried, alhumdullah
islamic center topeka ks
Claude Jude
Topeka KS

Here’s Everything You Get…

islam in the heartland of america

Islam In The Heartland of America Paperback

This beautifully written compilations of over 56 Khutbah Sermons, the Friday prayer considered to be one of exceptional symbols of Islam worship. Give the perfect gift. ($79 Value)

islam in the heartland of america


This flipbook contains answers to the top 25 most burning questions related to Islam. These questions will not only clear your misconceptions but also equip you to help other Muslims and non-Muslims clear their misunderstandings. ($25 Value)

100 Islamic Quotes

100 Beautiful Islamic Quotes eBook

Islam has produced some of the greatest intellectuals the world has ever seen. We have gathered some of the gems from these great personalities and brought you 100 beautiful Islamic quotes that will bring your life into perspective.

These quotes continue to inspire lives and touch hearts throughout the globe. Get instance access to both PDF and Animated eBook. ($39 Value)

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List of Islamic Mosque in the United States, Canada and Mexico eBook

In the 84-page ebook includes both large and small mosque. Let’s face it, finding Mosques is not easy in America. This is why we offer you a list of Mosques in the US, Canada and Mexico. So no matter where you are, you can always be aware of your nearest Mosq


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You see how this book makes your learning process so easy and gives you so much value?

No doubt when you spend your money to learn about Islam, Allah will give you a greater reward for all your effort spent in the way of Allah.

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