Islamic Center of Topeka

Islamic Center of Topeka

Islamic Center of Topeka is a non-profit religious organization. The purpose of the Center is to serve the best interests of the Muslim Community and providing a focal point for Islamic rituals and responsibly. It is a place of regular worship and education to give the life giving message of Al-Islam. The ICT is a place to present and teach Islam in a clear and practical way to its listeners and dispel misconceptions about Islam that are prevalent in our society. For more information about the Islamic Center of Topeka check out.

Topeka Islamic Center

1115 Southeast 27th Street
Topeka, KS 66605

Imam Omar Hazim

The Imam accepted Islam in 1962 and studied under the guidance of Elijah Muhammad. 

The Imam has dedicated his time and energy to teaching and dispelling misconceptions about Islam. 

In addition to his work at the Islamic Center he is also an Islamic advisor for the Department of Corrections.

 He believes that all three faiths share many ideas and values.  He noted that many of the perceived negative elements of Islam, like the repression of women, are cultural expressions and not part of the true faith.

Quranic Reading Daily

With Allah’s name The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer.

By Imam Omar Hazim

I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the rejected enemy.   If we want to talk to Allah we should pray, If we want Allah to talk to us we should read Quran.  In Arabic, Quran means that which should be read, to proclaim or to collect.  When we read the Quran we increase our knowledge and our understanding, and we are rewarded by Allah for doing so.  The Holy Quran is the word of Allah (SWT), revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  Prophet Muhammad said, “Anyone who reads one single letter from the Book of Allah will have a blessing and reward; and each good thing is equal to ten rewards.”


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