With Allah’s name The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer.

Islamic Contributions to a Pluralistic Society

By Imam Omar Hazim

Historians agree that the brilliant achievements of the Twentieth Century science and technology, have been greatly enhanced and inspired by the early philosophers, scientists, chemist, mathematicians, architects and physicians of the Muslim World.

Islam has made great contributions to the cultivation of the physical sciences. Chemistry, as a science, is unquestionably the invention of Muslims. Abu Musa Jabir is called the true father of modern chemistry (The Geber of Christian writers).

Every branch of higher mathematics bears traces of Islamic genius. Zero comes from “sifr” in Arabic, and points to the fact that our numbering system, Arabic numerals, is an Islamic contribution to the world.

Muslims were especially strong in mathematics, algebra, trigonometry, astronomy, geography, agriculture and poetry. The word “algebra” comes from the Arabic word “Al-Jabr,” which is the Arabic name for that branch of Mathematics.

Muslims were pioneers in the research in Astronomy. The first observatory in Europe was built by Muslims, the Tower of Sevile (or the Giralda) in 1190 AC.

The Science of Medicine and the Art of Surgery has attained a high degree of excellence from Muslims. Intellectual development and the freedom of though among Muslims was the cause of great civilizations to be built during the centuries of moral, intellectual and social decay in Europe called The Dark Ages.

It was the literary and scientific spirit of Islam that gave inspiration and contributed immensely to the re-awakening of Europe , known as the Renaissance.

Reports indicate that there are more than six million Muslims in America today, who are making positive contributions to the success of the country in every field: medicine, science, technology, education and business. Muslims have established Information Center , Places of Worship, Academic Institutions, Elementary and High Schools.

One of the most profound contributions of Islam in this ere of American history was in 1975 when Imam Warith Deen Mohammed was elected unanimously leader of the Nation of Islam. He quickly influenced and led hundreds of thousand of its members and associates to mainstream Islam, which paved the way for a greater respect of tolerance for all creeds and religions. I believe through time and history the world will be able to perceive the greatness and real value of that contribution.

American Muslims have organized ad-Hoc Committees against crime across the country and have been very successful in many cities. Confronting the many problems that affect us all, these committees also work closely with law enforcement agencies.

It was a Muslim Chief Architect who designed the Sears Tower and John Hancock buildings in Chicago . Locally, we have Muslim doctors and nurses in every hospital in our city, working to save lives and to improve the quality of life of human beings. We have educators and business people.

It was Muslim Masonry Contractor who built the additions to the Young Men’s Christian Association, and the addition to Temple Beth Shalom.

Muslims live in peace and harmony, among themselves and other, in all cities in America .

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